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Community Outreach

The success of this Facilities Master Plan depends on your participation in the process and understanding of the results. Before we begin to develop the details of this Facilities Master Plan, we really need to understand what our instructors, staff, students, and community feel are important to sustaining the outstanding education being delivered by our District. Do you feel there are issues at a site that should be addressed? Are there programs that should be offered that currently do not have appropriate space? Are you simply curious about the process and want to participate in improving our school facilities? Decisions affecting the future of our school district will impact us all in one form or another. Keep in mind the following:


We are one of the top-ranked school districts in California. Our students have access to the highest quality instructors and staff. Most of our facilities were conceived and built more than a half century ago. It is time to ensure our students have the necessary and modern facilities to continue advancing.


The quality of the school district has a direct impact on the desirability of a community and on our home and property values. Our schools should reflect the pride we all take in living here and fit seamlessly into their neighborhoods.

Our schools are partners with our communities. Please join the discussion! If you have not had the opportunity to directly participate in our Community Input Meetings, you can still participate by taking an electronic survey or by visiting each school site’s Master Planning home page.