Miraleste Early Learning Academy

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A preschool that serves all of the Peninsula

6245 Via Canada, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Site Introduction

The school first opened on September 7, 2004, but the dream behind MELA began when the PVPUSD expressed a desire to build a school that would meet the needs being voiced by the community. Unlike other preschools, MELA is part of the PVPUSD. Because of this direct link to the School District, students of MELA are provided a foundation and parents are given a complete understanding of what their children will be learning.

Vital Statistics

Year Built: 1929 (original)
Remodeled 2002, Remodeled 2006
Site Area: 6 AC
261,360 SF
N/A students Building Area: 21,132 GSF
Student Density
(SF per student)
N/A (site)
N/A (building)
Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)
(building area ÷ site area)

Featured Student Artwork

  • December | Grade Unknown | Miraleste Early Learning Academy
  • Luca | Grade Unknown | Miraleste Early Learning Academy
    My Melting Snowman
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